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Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall & Debby Jones

You Are Worth Waiting For!In a world consumed with quick-fixes, superficial romances, and “hookup” ..

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Last Train to Biafra: Memoirs of a Biafran Child by Diliorah Chukwurah

Last train to Biafra tells the tragic story of the massacre of over 100,000 Igbos across principal t..

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Law Relating to Banking by Abu Ikponmwosa Noruwa

This book presents a systematic account of some principles and concepts involved in modern studies o..

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Law, Tourism and Hospitality by Goodie M. Ibru

This book examines how the interconnection of the three sectors can boost a more buoyant economy...

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Legal Drafting, Conveyancing Law, Wills and Practice by A. M. Adebayo

It is on record that C. O. Adubi, Esq was one of the first indigenous authors to attempt a book on D..

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Lunacy Outlines of Law and Practice in Nigeria by Ademola Ogunleye

The law relating to lunatics or persons of unsold mind in Nigeria is Scattered throughout statute, l..

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