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The Dynamics of Modern Economics by Erhayanmen A. M

The Dynamics of Modern Economics (Micro Perspective) provides wide coverage of the subject and recom..

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The Practice of Human Resource Management by Chris Enuke

The practice of Human resource management with examples from Nigeria takes the reader through the wh..

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The Principles and Practice of Civil Litigation in Nigeria by Prof. A. T. Oyewo

This book was written to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the author's post-call to the bar. The ..

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The Rwandan Genocide - Historical Background and Jurisprudence by Segun Jegede

This book provides an absorbing account of the pre-genocide history of Rwanda, including the often o..

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The Way It Is Volume 2 by Chris Akiri

The Way It Is, Volume 2 is a compendium of some of Chris Akiri's interventions for justice and impro..

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