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Casebook on Commercial Law by Olusegun Yerokun

Commercial Law casebook is tailored to the syllabus of LLB degree and analysis of English and Nigeri..

Casebook on Labour Law by Olusegun Yerokun

The casebook on Labour and employment law provides landmark judicial authorities on the contract of ..

Casebook on Law of Banking by Olusegun Yerokun

The Casebook on the Law of Banking is the practical aspects of the law with numerous cases on banker..

Casebook on Law of Contract by Olusegun Yerokun

The casebook compliments the texts on the main areas of Law of Contracts such as the formation of a ..

Casebook on Law of Tort by Olusegun Yerokun

The Casebook on the Nigerian Law of Tort is a complication of the relevant cases organized in chapte..

Cases and Materials on Labour Law by Aluko and Ajanaku

The book is a comprehensive review of the case on labour law with an emphasis on the cases where the..

Cases and Materials on Law of Evidence by Oluwole Aluko

The scope of the book is not confined to the substantive law of evidence alone as it is extended to ..

CHILD - Justice Administration by Iyabode Ogunniran

This book analyses the implementation of the Child's Right Law (CRL) of Lagos State...

Grandmaster of the Law by Felix Oboagwina

This documentary biography captures the story of an incorruptible and courageous attorney. Viewed th..

Law Relating to Banking by Abu Ikponmwosa Noruwa

This book presents a systematic account of some principles and concepts involved in modern studies o..

Law, Tourism and Hospitality by Goodie M. Ibru

This book examines how the interconnection of the three sectors can boost a more buoyant economy...

Legal Drafting, Conveyancing Law, Wills and Practice by A. M. Adebayo

It is on record that C. O. Adubi, Esq was one of the first indigenous authors to attempt a book on D..

Lunacy Outlines of Law and Practice in Nigeria by Ademola Ogunleye

The law relating to lunatics or persons of unsold mind in Nigeria is Scattered throughout statute, l..

Microeconomics by Olawale O. Ayoola

This book is a compilation of my experience as a tutor, student and teacher of Microeconomics. It ex..

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