Editors’ Top Picks: Books Guaranteed to Leave a Positive Mark on You

Editors’ Top Picks: Books Guaranteed to Leave a Positive Mark on You

When we read, we read for a purpose, and of course this purpose generally has to do in some way with the betterment of our lives. With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at books that are guaranteed to leave an indelible mark in your life.

Are you interested? Let’s get on with it.



by Nina Anyianuka

This book tops our list because it tries to address a salient societal issue. It looks at tdisowned by nina anyianukahe horrors some women go through, and not just at the hands of men, but also their fellow women. The abuse inflicted on the main characters will remind you that we need to treat others with humanity, a fact that seems to be forgotten a lot of the time in life. If you let it, Disowned will elicit a burning passion for change within you.


Think and Grow Rich
by Napoleon Hill

think and gro rich by napoleon hill

If you’re reading this book now, you’re actually a couple decades late – it was written in 1937. So many people, millions in fact, have read it since then, and they generally have the same verdict: this book is recommended if you’re looking for self-improvement – not just financially, but in many other areas of life.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K

by Mark Manson
subtle art of not giving a f**k by mark mansonReading Mark Manson’s self-help will truly feel to you like a cold slap in the face. It’s a challenge for you to rise up and start doing things differently. This book questions much of the behaviour that has now turned to normality in our society. It’s a book written to transform the mindset, and bring a new frankness and directness into our daily lives. It will surprise just how much we hold ourselves back, simply because we give a f**k.


A-Z of Personal Finance
by Nimi Akinkugbe
A-Z of personal finance by nimi akinkugbePersonally I do not like reading financial books. Not for any reason in particular – they just don’t do it for me. But when I had a look at Nimi Akinkugbe’s book, I thought to myself: ‘I need this.’ I do need it, and so do a lot of others. A-Z of Personal Finance will teach you how to be more financially aware, so that you’ll be able not just to make more money, but also to keep it.



How to Win Friends and Influence People
by Dale Carnegie
how to win friends and influence people by dale carnegieI read this book when I was rather very young, and the lessons I learnt have remained with me for a long time. Dale Carnegie teaches you important lessons about getting the best out of your relationship with people. Some of the pointers that stand out include complimenting people (genuinely) and avoiding criticism of anybody, know matter who they may be. This book is guaranteed to change you, if you let it.



by Robert Greene
mastery by robert greeneRobert Greene’s books generate mixed feelings, especially his 48 Laws of power. His critics mostly say that his work promotes unethical principles, specifically getting ahead at the expense of others. Greene himself believes in the survival of the fittest, that we shake off competition and succeed by actively manipulating events or people in our favour. Mastery analyses the lives of famous figures and pulls from them lessons on how to be a master in your own field, even if it means stepping on some toes.



Editors’ Top Picks: Books Guaranteed to Leave a Positive Mark on You

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