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African Delights by Siphiwo Maphala





A story that will get you absorbed in humorous yet educating urban stories.

African Delights is a collection of short stories that takes the reader into the South African society of the mid to late 1900s. The urban stories are as profound and informative as they are witty, sardonic and humorous. An impressive story writer, Siphiwo Mahala weaves his story around certain often ignored aspects of life such as a dominant male culture and the common, distressing African situation of being caught between the past and the present.

“Siphiwo Mahala explores the human condition of South Africa through stories from Sophiatown. He starts subtly enough and his subject inspissates as he approaches the end.”
—Tade Ipadeola, winner, NLNG Prize for Literature, 2013

“This impressive collection of fiction, with its sardonic title, is the work of a gifted storyteller … Mahala inventively recasts settings and figures in Can Themba’s story ‘The Suit’, to direct new probing light on aspects of masculine culture glossed over by fiction of the 1950s. Tales of early adulthood in urban and rural settings absorbingly narrate life from innocence to experience … Written fluently and deftly, they are laced with wit, humour and satire; testimony to an incisive, thoughtful! And refined literary talent.”
—Andries Walter Oliphant


African Delights by Siphiwo Maphala

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