Sorrow’s Joy: A Passage Through Cancer by Ogochukwu Promise

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A middle-aged woman battles with cancer, just like her mother did. Facing death after a bleak existence, she struggles with grief and many more. But her plight could actually hold the key to bringing her family together again. 


A powerful tale, intimately rewarding, a psychological and emotional journey. Enthralling. The work of a perceptive and skilful writer.
The Punch 

This is a compelling narrative, not only about the onslaughts of cancer but of the courage required to face it. Promise’s relentless quest for life and meaning, her penetrating gaze, deep understanding of human emotions, fears and strengths and her consistent reaching for the power of the mind to transcend life’s vicissitudes resonate in this brilliant work.
The Guardian 

Moving narrative. Witty. Poetic. Intriguing style. Cruel passion that is as innocent as it is painful…


The novel takes the reader through the story of a young woman, Sefi Noda, who battles with cervical cancer, and many more. Sefi, the protagonist, inspires conflicting feelings. On one hand, she is to be pitied, and the audience grieves with her. We learn that her mother also went through the same problem, and we sympathise as she descends to her lowest, as she breaks down, both internally and externally, both biologically and mentally: she begins to hear voices, see things. On the other hand, she overemphasises her own grief to such an extent that the reader becomes inured. Having aroused sympathy at first, she becomes increasingly querulous. But perhaps those who have suffered similar grief can relate on a more personal level. Perhaps they can raise the question of whether grief can ever be judged, of whether it can ever be seen as exaggerated. 

Ogochukwu Promise does a good job of bringing to the spotlight all of those themes that we struggle to face: mortality, identity issues, family loyalty, grief, doubt, trauma, hate and regret. What follows next is that we are able to find the courage and deal with these emotions personally when they confront us. 

Sorrow’s Joy: A Passage Through Cancer by Ogochukwu Promise

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