Sell on Iwe!

Sell on Iwe!

Buy and sell books on Iwe! is an e-commerce site dedicated to connecting readers to the books they love. We understand that readers want a safe and trusted destination where they can purchase books, and we endeavour to deliver that – which is why sellers like you are important.

You are a provider of what people need. But it is not always easy to get people to learn about your books. At Iwe, we offer those in the book business the opportunity to increase sales even further without necessarily increasing costs or effort, by assisting them in getting their books to the right market.


Is Iwe right for your bookselling business?
The short answer is yes. We are a reliable and cost-effective way of getting your content out there. has a nationwide reach. Thousands of buyers will be coming to shop on Iwe and you can be one of the first independent sellers who will satisfy their demands.

Whether yours is a small business or a large-scale bookshop, you will find it convenient to sell on Iwe and grow with us through expanding your customer base.

How to get started

For you to start selling on Iwe, we will need your personal details. Some of these details include:

• Full name/name of business
• Phone number and email
• Bank account number
• Verifiable ID

Product Details
To start selling on Iwe, we will need access to your inventory.

Relevant details include:

• Book title in full
• Name of author(s)
• Book cover (clear image)
• Product description
• Book price


Click here to get started.


What if I don’t have any of these details?
If any of these details are not available, all you have to do is contact Iwe for possible ways around them.


What will it cost?
Iwe will only require you to pay a selling fee for each book sold. Different factors determine the selling fee but generally, it will be a certain percentage of the selling price.

Contact us to find specific details about the different categories and the fees that might be required.


Why should you sell on Iwe?
Selling on Iwe has its advantages. There are thousands (and potentially millions) of people out there who need your book. With Iwe’s advertising and brand promotion, we can find and create new ways to reach and engage buyers. We can only grow if you grow, and that’s why we are ready to give our very best to promote your books.


Product delivery
There are two ways orders may be fulfilled – and it all depends on your choice. You may choose to fulfil delivery yourself, or you may let Iwe handle that responsibility for you.
With Iwe handling delivery, you can reach hundreds of buyers all over the country using the national postal service.

Contact us to register and start selling!

Sell on Iwe!

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